Cable Assembly, Built for Connection

Why UL/CUL is important for wiring connection?

The cable wiring connection is so important in manufacture industry. A qualified cable assembly can be a great help for the success of a big machine. Though the assembly set is not eye-catching for a large group of machines, it plays an important role. Without it, even a super big machine can’t work.

Since the cable assembly quality is not stable in the market, a UL/CUL certified one can be so much big help. The UL/CUL certification will be marked upon the surface of the assembly to prove it is safety verified. With that, quality and safety are guaranteed.

What is the function of UL/CUL certified cable assembly?

The function of UL/CUL certified cable assembly is to connect the respective components in industry. Group of wires and cables are to organized together in a proper way so as to form a single unit as UL/CUL cable assembly. The cable assembly is for the purpose of signal transfer or power control of facilities in industry. With UL/CUL certification, the quality of cable assembly would be strictly managed before delivery for end operation.

We are professional cable & assembly manufacturer.

Cable assembly & wire harness are widely used for all kinds of electrical or electronic appliances, commercial industries, aerospace, automotive, gaming, medical devices, telecommunications etc.

As a factory, we are engaged in solving out the connection problem and trouble in industry operation. We are not only focused on manufacturing of cable assembly and wire harness, we also expand our product range to include spiral cable, and cable & wire extrusion as well. 

As professional manufacturer in China, we are focused on best quality of products for customers. Before shipment delivery, all products must be 100% electricity tested and verified quality check passed. 

We well manage all the production procedures so as to guarantee the best quality control. We extrude the cable, process the spiral coiling process and even make the assembling. Here, we are seeking to provide one stop solution for customers with regard of cable application. 

With serious and efficient management, we build up a strict management system of the quality assurance. Our cables and wires delivered to customers must be 100% RoHS compliant. 100%!