What is UL2651?

UL2651 is a standard flat ribbon cable with dual UL and CUL safety approvals verified. It is a popular PVC insulated flat ribbon cable under categories of UL cable and CUL cable. UL2651 specification comes from size 36AWG to 14AWG. It is widely applied for wiring purpose of various electronic equipment and devices.

Style NumberConductor SizeRated VoltageRated TemperatureSafety StandardApplication
UL265136AWG~14AWG300V105°CUL, CULElectronic equipment & devices

What is the application of UL2651?

UL2651 finds extensive use in numerous industries due to its particular features and versatility. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas where UL2651 are employed:

  1. Telecommunications: With the boom in the telecommunications industry, UL2651 plays a critical role in ensuring reliable and efficient communication networks. It is employed in data centers, telephone exchanges, and networking equipment, providing high-density connectivity for routing signals and data transmission.
  2. Aerospace: The aerospace industry demands lightweight and space-saving solutions without compromising on performance. UL2651 offers excellent flexibility and durability, making them an ideal choice in aircraft wiring systems. UL2651 is also resistant to vibration and shock, ensuring reliable signal transmission in demanding aerospace environments.
  3. Automotive: Automobiles rely heavily on advanced electrical systems for various functions, including engine management, infotainment, and safety features. UL2651 provides a compact and organized wiring solution in vehicles, reducing the complexity of harnesses and facilitating easier installation and maintenance.
  4. Consumer Electronics: From smartphones to laptops, UL2651 are widely used in electronic devices. Its flat profile allows for easy integration into compact designs, providing reliable interconnections between different components such as displays, touchscreens, and circuit boards.
  5. Medical Devices: In the medical industry, where precision and reliability are paramount, UL2651 finds applications in medical devices and equipment. It is utilized in imaging systems, patient monitors, and surgical instruments, ensuring accurate data transmission and seamless connectivity.

What is UL2651 package like?

There are different methods of UL2651 package, such as cardboard protect, reel wrapping, bobbin rolling, etc. Reel wrapping and bobbin rolling look much secure for transportation, while cardboard protect is more economical.

Pack A: Cardboard Protected.
Pack B: Reel Wrapping.
Pack C: Bobbin Rolling.

UL2651 Specification Download

Spec DescriptionPart Number
UL2651 #28AWG PH1.00 ( 2 pins ~ 44 pins )WCH15092804
UL2651 #28AWG PH1.27 ( 2 pins ~ 64 pins )WCH15082805
UL2651 #28AWG PH2.00 ( 2 pins ~ 40 pins )WCH15080506
UL2651 #28AWG PH2.54 ( 2 pins ~32 pins )WCH15080507
UL2651 #26AWG PH1.27 ( 2 pins ~ 34 pins )WCH14012608
UL2651 #26AWG PH2.00 ( 2 pins ~ 32 pins )WCH15112602
UL2651 #26AWG PH2.54 ( 2 pins ~ 32 pins )WCH15102603
UL2651 #24AWG PH2.54 ( 2 pins ~ 24 pins )WCH16122301

What is technical support of UL2651?

There are still various specifications available besides those listed above. The company has been working on this UL2651 ribbon cable over 20 years. A professional R&D team with very experienced engineers is on standby to well serve our valued customers. Welcome to send inquiry directly to the company (sales@wchcable.com).