What is UL2468?

UL2468 is a standard flat ribbon cable with dual UL and CUL safety approvals verified. It is a famous PVC insulated flat ribbon cable under categories of UL cable and CUL cable. UL2468 specification comes from size 32AWG to 16AWG. It is widely used for internal wiring of electronic equipment and device.

Style NumberConductor SizeRated VoltageRated TemperatureSafety StandardApplication
UL246832AWG~16AWG300V80°CUL, CULInternal Wiring

What is UL2468 conductor like?

There are different types of conductors of UL2468, including stranded and solid conductors. Stranded type is more common in actual operation. While usually there is tin to plate or coat upon the conductors. By this, two methods of tinning are applied.

Conductor Type A: Tinned stranded conductor

Conductor Type B: Over tinned conductor

UL2468 Specification