We are professional cable & assembly manufacturer.

Our company was established since 2007. Its former body was an UK holding company, majored in manufacturing wire harness, and cable assembly. Approximately 90% products were exported to foreign market.

The history of UK administration makes the company good at systematic integrated management. While the long term export experience gives the company a strong concept of Quality originated.

From the beginning, we were focused mainly on manufacture of cable assembly and wire harness. Afterwards, we expanded our product range to include spiral cable, and cable & wire extrusion as well. 

Cable jacket extrusion manufacture lines

Cable assembly & wire harness are widely used for all kinds of electrical or electronic appliances, commercial industries, aerospace, automotive, gaming, medical devices, telecommunications etc.

Thanks to the remarkable quality performance, our company earns the trust and loyalty from more and more customers. Up to now, most of the products were exported to many foreign countries besides China.

Our main customers list includes Flextronics, Littelfuse, Barcrest, Schneider, Avaya, Siemen, GE, etc. 

For many years experience, we have created ourselves the great position of advantage in the market. As professional manufacturer in China, we are focused on best quality of products for customers.

Before shipment delivery, all products must be 100% electricity tested and verified quality check passed. 

Cable assembly is the most important product. We well manage all the production procedures so as to guarantee the best quality control. We extrude the cable, process the spiral coiling process and even make the assembling. Here, we are seeking to provide one stop solution for customers with regard of cable application. 

We continuously work to achieve the best quality of products by investing in the updating tools & facilities, and bring in experienced talents to better meet the demand and requirement of our customers. This has allowed us to create so much more value for our customers.

With serious and efficient management, we build up a strict management system of the quality assurance. All our purchased raw materials must 100% comply with our HSF regulation. While all our cables and wires delivered to customers must be 100% RoHS compliant. 100%!!